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It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…

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…I wish I were snoring. Ever have those days you wish you could go back to bed, wake up, and all would be well again? Oh my gosh. How is it possible one day could suck so bad? When it rains it pours, I suppose. Yeah, that’s no joke. In order to get an appropriate gist, we have to go back to our crazy improptu Hawaii trip.

So, we thought for sure we were more than fine to take the trip. We had plenty for the plane tickets and a budget for food. Little did we know that place is the epitomy of over-pricing. Somehow, IHOP cost us 55 bucks before tip for two egg white omelettes and a half-stack of of pancakes. Seriously? It cost us about a grand more than we budgeted for. Gulp.

In all fairness, we were supposed to have an extra 1500 from Scott’s guard bonus, plus the 1200 from the GI bill. Weeellllll, the bonus never came. What?! And the GI bill was only half amount. There goes 2100 counted on dollars. :/

Back to present-day. Today, we get a bill notification from Tricare. Turns out, we’re going to be paying Jacob’s bills out of pocket since we had no idea we had to file seperate paperwork for Tricare on top of enrolling him in their DEERS system. We never had to do additional paperwork for Caleb. We also thought we were on top of things by driving down to the DEERS office in Mountain Home, an hour drive from our home, to take care of everything in person since they had such a hard time getting things straight with our first son. As soon as we recieved Jacob’s soc card in the mail, we headed down. When we finished, we asked the man working with us if there was anything more we’d need to do to make sure he was in the system correctly. (They messed up Caleb’s birthday and took almost a year to finally get him in the system correctly). He said “no, you’re good to go.” Low and behold, that was not accurate. Apparently, being Guard/Reserve means you have extra filing to do. We had no idea! Thanks to that mess up, we’ll be paying 677 out of pocket for shots and doctor visits. 😦 Even though we’ve filled out the paperwork, they’re not back paying. Which in my opionion, seems unfair. I suppose it would, though, since I’m the one in the losing position. See, we’ve always paid the full amount on time but because there was some unknown paperwork, we’re out of luck. Well, shoot. I fought with 3 women over this with an ending of “write a letter, fax it, and see what they’ll do for you. I doubt they’re going to back pay but that’s your last option.” So, I did. ::Fingers crossed::

Then, I head outside, to Scott’s beckoning, where my eyes meet my sad, sad tire, frowning and slumped upon the drive way. A flat? A major, super flat? What happened? Verdict: Les Schwab claims we need all new tires. That’ll be another 465. 😦 This was all before 10:30 am!

Now, the major problem. Vegas is in 9 days. We’re now over 4100 dollars behind what I had originally budgeted! This is not good. Not good at all. So, I break the news to Brittany. How can I do this? I have to be there! My girl is getting married! I have to have to have to be there! My mommy, that angel of a woman, offers to help. She’s so amazing! Can I do it? None of this would be that horrible if I was working too, but I’m not. And Jacob is terribly needy. The best I can do at the moment is babysit. Wow, that sounds less than desirable. We’ll have to find a way to budget it in somehow. But how?

I freak out, of course, and fill her in that I can’t see how Vegas will work anymore for us. We wind up having to go to the “bad gym” and wouldn’t you know, the machines I want are all full. Ahhhhh! We talk about this and that and the possibility of cancelling the room I had booked for their opening reception before the bar crawl. Which leads to the end all. Her parents booked a room, penthouse suite really, at the same hotel they’re all staying at which is INCREDIBLE and much better than the suite I had booked. However, when I go to cancel tonight, I learn it’s non-refundable. Ohhhhh myyyy liiiife. Is today over yet?


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