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Winner, winner, chicken dinner :)

Well, hey there! Brittany here. Drastic change in weather here since this weekend. We got snow today! It is NOW beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I was off work today so I tried to be productive and went to the gym, did the laundry that I meant to do yesterday, and successfully made a healthy, comforting, hubby-approved dinner from scratch… Homemade chicken cordon bleu and veggies! Here’s how I did it…

I started with Tyson Trimmed & Ready Thin Sliced Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts:

Then I put all 4 chicken breasts into a gallon sized zip-loc bag and, since I don’t have a tenderizer or anything of that sort, used a can of green beans to flatten out the chicken as much as possible:

After I got the chicken flattened out, I layed it in a foiled-lined pan and seasoned both sides with salt, pepper, and Mrs. Dash’s Garlic & Herb seasoning:

Next, I gathered the rest of the ingredients that I would need (ham & Laughing Cow cheese wedges). I made half with Light Creamy Swiss and half with Mozzarella, Sun-dried Tomato, and Basil:

Next, I spread one wedge of cheese and layered 3 slices of ham on each chicken breast:

Then, I rolled ’em up and used a toothpick to keep everything in place (I colored the tip of the toothpicks for the Sun-dried Tomato Basil ones so we could distinguish the difference):

I preheated the over to 350°, covered the pan with another sheet of foil and baked the chicken breasts for 20 min.  Then, I pulled the pan out, took the top sheet of foil off, and baked for another 15 min and this is how they turned out:

I was so proud that these actually turned out. I used a Zip-loc Zip & Steam bag (those things are glorious!) to steam some mixed veggies for our side:

One chicken breast made with the Creamy Swiss and lots of veggies for me. Two chicken breasts (one of each kind) and some mixed veggies with cheese sauce for him. The hubster loved it and finished it all, yay! Great Monday night dinner!

But then…the sweet tooth kicked in for both of us. So, like a bunch of crazies, we bundled up and headed to the ice cream shop by our apartment. I got chocolate/vanilla twist frozen yogurt topped with pecans and Reese’s pieces and Erick got a treat called Peanut Butter Galazy…which I had a few bites of and it was delish. 

Have a great night everyone!


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Hello :). I'm Brittany! I'm a 20-something-year-old serving in the Air Force stumbling my way through life. I blog as a means of trying to figure myself out. Enjoy the journey:).

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  1. Chicken roll-ups are one of my and my Dear’s fave dishes! We like stuffing them with a Laughing Cow, ham, and asparagus or bell peppers and dipping them in some tomato sauce 🙂


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