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It is NOT beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Well, it’s a high of 60° and sunny here in Colorado Springs. Yesterday was a high of 55° and sunny. In the words of the Grinch, What is the deal?! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining! It just makes it a weeeee bit difficult to get into the holiday spirit. We haven’t even put up our tree because it just doesn’t feel like Christmas yet. But, we WILL be doing that today.

Anways, it was a nice relaxing morning here in the Poole household. We didn’t even roll out of bed until about 9 and then I did my wifely duties and made us both breakfast…

A ham & cheese egg white omelet with salsa for the Mr, and an egg white & salsa sandwich on a whole-wheat sandwich thin for the Mrs. Seriously, I’m a little embarassed to admit that I made that omelet. I’m not sure how it ended up so deformed like that. It must have tasted ok though…about 10 min after I took this pic his plate was clean (note the super classy white Chinet plate…we’re high-rollers). And I snuck this pic of him enjoying his breakfast the way any real man would…

…on the couch…with the remote…and a funfetti cupcake on the side (he loved ’em). Now this is what I call man-bliss. *Sorry the picture is blurry. One day, I will have an iPhone 4S, and all will be well. This 3GS crap just isn’t cuttin’ it for me. I feel like I’m livin’ in the stone-age ;)*

So, after breakfast, Erick hit the gym and I decided to take advantage of the fantastic weather and lace up these babies and hit the road:

*Shout-out to Grandma C for these awesome sneaks!!(The even say “B BOTS,” my nickname, on the tongue)

This is my view on my runs:

I know, poor me, right? I ran about 5 miles, hopefully making up for the popcorn and M&Ms I ate at the movies last night. We went to see the new Sherlock Holmes with our friends Tyler, Kelvie, and Travis. It would have been a really good movie if I wasn’t so darn tired and mainly concentrating on keeping my eyes open. Nothing much on the agenda today except for laundry…maybe… and football (of course).

Oh, as for the review of the Raspberry Angel Food Cake Cupcakes I experimented with. In the words of the hubby, “I like ’em, but not as much as I like the other ones (referring to the Funfetti Soda Cupcakes).” After 2 batches of mini cupcakes, I still had tons of batter left over so I decided to use the rest to make a mini cake. In my opinion, it tastes wayyyy better in actual cake form. It just doesn’t work well as cupcakes. I also sprinkled a little powdered sugar over the cake and it was delish. AND it’s even better if you spread a little peanut butter on it…but, then again, what isn’t better with peanut butter?! Well, time to go spend a little QT with the hubby. Have a fantastic sunday!


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