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On the road again

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Well…in the air again. Same diff, right? We are on our way to Honolulu, folks, and I AM STOKED! However, our morning’s been off to an interesting start, once again…

First off, we decided to pull an all-nighter last night because we knew we have a 6 1/2 hour flight to look forward to and wanted to save our sleep for that. Erick didn’t make it the whole night; he fell asleep the last 2 hours, therefore…I win! And apparently he’s still a sleepy head:
(in his defense, he’s probably a little exhausted from the adventure I’m about to tell you about)

Annnnnywho, I was starving by the time we got to the airport and there were just soooo many fine dining choices to choose from at 5 AM (not). So, I settled for a $10 breakfast at the bar which consisted of an egg white omelet with wheat toast and mixed fruit on the side. Was it worth $10? Definitely not. But, it cured my grumbling tummy and shut up my inner hungry biotch. We finished breakfast and hopped on our flight from Colorado Springs to Denver, which is normally a 20 min flight. I fell asleep almost immediately after I sat down and I woke up after what felt like 3 hours (apparently it had only been 30 min) and we still had not taken off! What is the deal?! I knew the morning was about to get crazy because, even if our flight had been on schedule, we would only have 20 minutes from the time this flight landed until our flight from Denver to Phoenix started boarding. Problem… this flight is running late. Uh oh! So, by the time we land and finally get off the plane, we have 20 minutes until our next flight takes off. Sweeeeet. Oh, and we’re 40 gates away. Wouldn’t you know, no one around us seems to be in any hurry, whatsoever. We finally get around everyone and start speed-walkin’ like crazy. Seriously, we had the arms goin’, the hip swing, the heel-toe action… Perfect speed-walking form. Then we hear, “All rows, all passengers boarding gate B23 to Phoenix. Doors will be closing in 5 minutes.” We both just looked at each other, didn’t say a word, and took off in a full out sprint. We were still 15 gates away! Just as I thought I was about to die we hear, “Passenger Poole, passenger Botsford (these tickets were booked under my maiden name)…” I couldn’t hear the rest of what they said because all I could hear was my wheezing. Apparently, I need to do more sprint intervals. So, we pick up the pace even more (like from a 95% effort to an all-out, can’t-feel-my-legs, 100% effort). I thought there was absolutely no way we were gonna make it and then I see Gate B27. Almost there! We finally get to the gate and the lady is just standing at the booth starring at us as we come barreling up to the counter and she says, “Come to this side to board *directing us 3 inches to the left*.” Omg, lady, just let us on the plane. I can’t breathe! Go figure, we get on the plane and end up just sitting there for another 20 min before the plane even moves. Well, at least I got in a little morning workout, right? So, that’s been our morning. Good thing I made the decision to wear these babies this morning:
(I was back & forth between these or my flip flops and decided to wear my running shoes and pack my flip flops since they take less room in the suit case. Just imagine this mornings adventure in flippy-floppys…it could have been fatal!)

The good news is, we have an hour layover here in Phoenix before we take off for Honolulu giving us a chance to just relax and maybe get some lunch. I can’t wait to finally see my family. AND, it was just decided last night that Sarah and her small army will also be coming! I’ll be sure to post pics of paradise :).

2011 Airport Olympians (A.K.A. Total Badasses)

P.S. This was me this morning…


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