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Back to reality

Brittany here. Packing up my suitcase, once again, because we’re headin’ back to Colorado tonight. I’m super bummed because I’ve had an amaaaaazing weekend.

I just want to take a second to, well, brag. I am so blessed. Not only was I born into the most amazing family I could have ever asked for. But I also just married into the most amazing in-laws I could have imagined. Over the past weekend I’ve caught myself smiling to myself just thinking about how awesome my life is and how much more awesome-ness I still have to look forward to. Much like Sarah, I tend to be extremely hard on myself and, like Scott, Erick has become extremely patient with me. I owe that kid big time. He’s put up with me at my worst and I need to find a way to show him how thankful I am.

Although I am bummed to be headin’ back today, I’m also ready to get back. I have a lot to get done at work tomorrow and I’m ready to hit the gym again! It’s been wayyyy too long. And on top of that, I’m ready to get this show on the road. I only have to go back to work for 3 1/2 days (all of which will be spent bragging about my awesome life, showing off my ring to anyone and everyone, etc.) and then we head to Hawaii for a week! I am SO stoked! Last night I started having a minor pity party and, of course, Erick had to bring me back to reality. I just started getting really down on myself about how bad I’ve been eating since I’ve been here and it made me start to feel really anxious about wearing a swimsuit next week. Seriously?! I’m going on vacation to Hawaii and I’m stressing about THAT?! Like Sarah said, ENOUGH OF THAT!!
Well the hubby’s wakin’ up (and I should probably quit rambling) so I’m gonna go say good morning. Have a great Tuesday :).

Oh what’s that? You wanna see my ring? Ok! Here it is…



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