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Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, TOMORROW…

Goooood mornin’, campers! Brittany here.

As you can tell, I am super-duper excited for tomorrow!! I finally get to go back to Colorado AND I’m getting married!!! How could I not be excited?! I didn’t have to go into work today so I would be able to pack and get everything together which was a relief because I’m usually quite the ball of stress. So, I woke up and enjoyed a ham, egg, and cheese english muffin for breakfast and then went downstairs to run. I did another 5 miles because I’m feeling a little anxious about the fact that I might not have a chance to get a workout in tomorrow. Walking laps at the airport might be the best “workout” I’ll get in tomorrow. I was going to post my treadmill workout, but I was kind of all over the place this morning and my workout was very random: a few spurts of sprints here and there, some light jogging, some walking at an incline… a little of everything. Now all I have to do is finish a little laundry and get the rest of my stuff packed and I’ll be ready to go. We’re going to go eat lunch at a delicous Cajun restaurant we found here called Goode’s Q and Bayou Grill. It’s definitely my favorite restaurant here and their jambalaya is amazing. Who knew you could find good Cajun in Great Falls, MT?! I’ll try to remember to snap a picture of my lunch to share with you. Well I should probably get goin’, later gator!

I want to talk a little about Twilight (spoiler alert!)… I loved the books! I wasn’t crazy about the first movie, but the second and third were pretty bomb! This one, however, was hard to stomach. Suddenly, no one could act anymore. You know how a lot of times you go to a movie and get lost in it – sometimes even wishing you were those characters? That did NOT happen. Not for me, anyway. I’m sure a lot of people looooved this movie (one of my sister-in-laws did) but the cheese factor was far too high. Not to mention the girl rapidly went from zero to incredibly pregnant super fast and didn’t spring a single stretch mark? Bogus. Also, the blood drinking? I got the point seeing it come up through the straw. I didn’t need to bear witness of it on her lips and teeth. Brrrggg (I just threw up in my mouth a little bit). I’ve always had a problem with the imprinting on the baby and the name chosen for the child. Ick! I wouldn’t recommend seeing this one in theatres – save yourself some large cash and rent it from Redbox. Not all downers, though – It did bring Scott and I super close though, as we got to spend some quality eye-rolling time together! 😀 Just my opinion…you might love it!


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Hello :). I'm Brittany! I'm a 20-something-year-old serving in the Air Force stumbling my way through life. I blog as a means of trying to figure myself out. Enjoy the journey:).

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