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Day 2!

Well hello there! It’s day 2 and we’re still committed to this blog…we’re off to a great start! We added an “Our favorite funnies” page where you can go if you need a good laugh. We’ll update it anytime we think there’s something worth adding.

Brittany here> I hope everyone’s Monday has been great so far. I woke up in time to run 5 miles before heading into work–I like to try to start my week off with some fitness. And I’ve been doing pretty good with eating healthy today, as well! I started off with half a turkey and cheese sandwich and an apple and then, for lunch, we went to a restaurant that’s new here called Cafe Rio. I LOVE it! It’s the closest thing to Chipotle and/or Q’doba they have here (I am a huge fan of both of those). To top it off, I had a coupon for a free meal because I took an online survey. There’s no food like free food, right?!

I only have a day and a half left in the great state of Montana (but who’s counting?)!!! Yes, I am a tad bit excited. I am a newfound Grey’s Anatomy addict so, for the rest of tonight, I’ll be finishing catching up on that (5 more episodes to go!) and trying to start getting packed up. Eeeeek!! So excited to get back!! By the way, I’ve recently learned of these babies:

(I promise to get a better camera ASAP)

& the verdict is… I LOVE them! Just like the bottle says “looks weird…tastes amazing.” I was always a little skeptical of putting spinach or other veggies in my smoothies because I just didn’t think it would taste right. You won’t hear me say this a lot, but I was wrong. For those of you who don’t like veggies, (cough cough Sarah cough cough) yes, there is spinach and broccoli in it, but I swear you can’t taste it. And it’s so amazingly healthy! So this little smoothie will be my afternoon snack while I catch up on my Grey’s Anatomy. Hope everyone has a fantastic evening!

Aaaand from Sarah –

Wow! I’m trying to recover from my over-indulgent weekend. I swear, everything in life feels like a binge-purge. There’s always too much month left at the end of our money so I make us save-save-save-save-save-save-save-save, then get bored with that and say “let’s SPEND baby, SPEND!” I wake up with a hangover of spending remorse and it’s back to save-save-save-save-save-save-save….Oh, did I mention I’m still working on the baby weight from my sweet little 4-month-old? I’ve had nights of cereal for dinner to try to get this arse back into my skinny jeans. This weekend? I blew it all to hell! I ate myself sick (literally) at Tucanos Friday night because, let’s face it, if you’re spending 20$ a plate (I didn’t – mine was free. Yay birthday meal!) you better be getting your money’s worth (and everyone else’s at the table) of prime rib deliciousness! After gorging myself on all the meats you could imagine…times 5…. when the waitress said “Dessert?” I said “Hell yes!” We almost went for TWO! For a control freak, I sure do lack it. Saturday was no better. I was given a Fondue/Game Night Birthday party – I’ll admit, probably the best party I EVER had – and I slid into 28 with a pan of brownies, rice crispy treats, box of graham crackers,and a  loaf of french bread I, for the most part, anhilated myself. Sunday, I broke the Sabbath to break bread with my in-laws. A large popcorn with extra extra butter, two large Mr Pibbs, and a box of Raisinettes all to myself (I shared a little…) and dinner at Texas Roadhouse. 4 baskets worth of rolls and cinnamon butter, a chicken strip ranger kids meal with cheesy-bacon fries (at least it was a kid’s meal!), and a birthday sundae later, I woke up Monday full  of regret both for my bank account and long forgotten waistline. Okay breastfeeding – time to kick in and compensate! Hey Brittany – care to share your ability at making good choices??? The good news? I got to watch Bella marry Edward (not my favorite of the twilight movies) and rocked the socks off my game night!



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Hello :). I'm Brittany! I'm a 20-something-year-old serving in the Air Force stumbling my way through life. I blog as a means of trying to figure myself out. Enjoy the journey:).

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