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The Start of Somethin’ Good :).

Hello everyone! Brittany here. We decided to start this blog because we think we’re hilarious, and hope you do too. We’ve never blogged before so bear with us. We’re learning. Let’s start by giving you a little info. I am currently TDY* to Montana and have been for 2 months. I am actually stationed in Colorado Springs and I go back on Wednesday, YAY!! Another yay: I am getting married the day I get back. At the courthouse. But that’s ok because we have a big ceremony/celebration planned in Vegas in January. We have to get married quick because Erick (i.e. my fiance) just got orders and we want to be able to move together. So, we have to get married so I can get orders too.

Annnnywho, Sarah is my aunt. By far, the coolest aunt anyone could ever have. We’re only 6 years apart so we’re more like sisters. Sometimes I think we’re the same person. She’s my maid of honor and has helped me done the majority of the planning for the best day of my life and I am SO EXCITED! I’m also very excited because we are going to Idaho to visit Erick’s family for Thanksgiving and we will also be seeing Sarah AND we’re gonna look for houses while we’re there. ALSO, the very next week Erick and I are going to Hawaii with my family for a vacation. AND (last one, I swear), the next month is our wedding in Vegas! Seriously, my life rocks.

Nothing much going on for me today. Just nursin’ a minor hangover. I had a mock bachelorette party last night with some of the people I’ve met over the last 2 months, but it was nothing special. Just a bunch of people hanging around, having a few drinks. So I’m gonna have to go for a run today and sweat out that alcohol. Sarah will be back later for an update. 🙂


Hey all! Brittany again. Just wanted to come by with an update. I just finished sweating out my alcohol and my workout looked something like this (since I’m staying at a hotel, my workouts are somewhat confined to a treadmill for now):

Minute Speed Incline
0-3 4.0 1.0%
3-4 6.0 1.0%
4-5 7.0 1.0%
5-6 6.0 1.0%
6-7 7.0 1.0%
7-8 6.0 1.0%
8-9 7.0 1.0%
9-10 6.0 1.0%
10-11 7.0 1.0%
11-12 6.0 1.0%
12-13 7.0 1.0%
13-14 6.5 1.0%
14-15 7.5 1.0%
15-16 6.5 1.0%
16-17 7.5 1.0%
17-18 6.5 1.0%
18-19 7.5 1.0%
19-20 6.5 1.5%
20-21 7.5 1.5%
21-22 6.7 1.5%
22-23 7.7 1.5%
23-26 4.0 2.0%
26-27 6.0 2.0%
27-28 7.0 2.0%
28-29 6.0 2.0%
29-30 7.0 2.0%
30-31 6.0 2.0%
31-32 7.0 2.0%
32-33 6.0 2.0%
33-34 7.0 2.0%
34-35 6.0 2.0%
35-36 7.0 2.0%
36-38 4.0 2.0%
38-39 7.0 1.0%
39-40 8.0 1.0%
40-41 7.0 1.0%
41-42 8.0 1.0%
42-43 7.0 1.0%
43-44 8.0 1.0%
44-45 6.0 1.0%
45-50 4.0 1.0%

Well, hey guys! I’m Sarah (the aunt). I swear Brittany and I were supposed to be sisters but I was too impatient to wait on her careful, wait until the moment is just right, ass. I came six years earlier, but fortunately wound up in the same family and got to grow up just 2 miles from eachother (that’s 4 miles round trip, which makes for a long distance when you’re walking because you’re crazy about saving gas, or hanging out the window rolling a bicycle next to your vehicle because someone thought it would be a good idea to ride their bike over, then get a flat tire.

I’m a commitmentphobe who somehow managed to get married and have two super incredible boys (one is 3, the other 4 months). I had the hardest time legally changing my name, and even still on facebook I’m known as “Sarah Beth.” I tried to change my name recently but whoever’s in charge of the name portion seemed to have a problem with “Sarah Bbotsbananatots.” *shrug* Everyday brings a wild adventure and I’m so excited to share our tales with you all….if I can commit to writing it all down that is… Here goes nothin’!


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