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Well hello there…

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It has been awhile. Sarah and I had decided to give up this blog because Erick and I’s orders to Idaho got cancelled, and that was the main reason we started this thing in the first place. However, I feel like writing right now so here I am :). I don’t even know where to start. Life has been insane lately.

For starters, after our wedding in Vegas (which was buttloads of fun, btw), I came back and started ALS about a month later. For those who don’t know, ALS stands for Airmen Leadership School and it’s a 6 week course you have to go through before you can get promoted to Staff Sergeant (SSgt).  When I got back from ALS I got switched to a new office, which was extremely overwhelming because it felt like I was starting over from the beginning and had no idea what I was doing. As I started to pick it up and understand how everything works in the new office, I started to like it. A lot better than my old office actually. The people are nicer and way more welcoming and I even like the job better. It’s just still been very overwhelming because, since getting promoted to SSgt, my responsibility has increased immensely. I love it, though. I like being busy. I’m a very “go, go, go!” kind of person. I’m just not completely used to it yet so I’ve been completely exhausted.

Also, I am working on my Bachelor’s degree and this semester has been the most discouraging yet. One of my classes is Intro to Programming and I figured we would be learning the basics and actually writing programs in Java or some other language. Nope! We use some awful program called Alice and it just feels so tedious and worthless. Only 3 more weeks of it though. I just gotta keep on truckin’ and keep in mind that this is the first class that has made me feel like this and I’m sure next semester will be better again.

Lastly, I am trying SO hard to get back into running. Last summer I ran a half marathon and I was at the lowest weight I’ve been in a long time and felt super in shap. At the time, though, I STILL wasn’t satisfied. But now, 10 lbs heavier, when I look at pictures from last summer I wanna look like THAT again. Side note, I’m not trying to get back into running JUST to lose weight; I like how I feel when I’m running and taking care of myself. I am really excited because yesterday after work I went and got my feet and running style analyzed and bought some new running shoes. Brooks to be exact! I’ve been wanting a pair of Brooks for averylong time so I am pumped and can’t wait to use them! I really wanted to use them today but I worked over night last night and just couldn’t get my energy back today. Plus, it was super cold and rainy today…lame.

So, that leads to tonight. Tonight has been the most relaxing night in SO long and I am enjoying every minute of it. Erick’s friend wanted to hang out and drink some beers so I encouraged him to go and told him I just wanted to stay home. I’ve got some quality ‘me’ time in. Caught up on some cleaning (the tops of our cabinets in the kitchen had such a thick layer of dust on them that they looked gray rather than white…I fixed that right up), did some laundry (our bed set and extra blankets needed to be washed badly), and watched hours of Friends re-runs (never gets old). And ate a lot of food. Dang you, Pinterest, for teaching me how to make a brownie in a mug!!


I have a hair appointment tomorrow… may the relaxing weekend continue :).


Yup, that’s how Intro to Programming makes me feel.


Ok I’m done. Have a good weekend everyone!


It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…

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…I wish I were snoring. Ever have those days you wish you could go back to bed, wake up, and all would be well again? Oh my gosh. How is it possible one day could suck so bad? When it rains it pours, I suppose. Yeah, that’s no joke. In order to get an appropriate gist, we have to go back to our crazy improptu Hawaii trip.

So, we thought for sure we were more than fine to take the trip. We had plenty for the plane tickets and a budget for food. Little did we know that place is the epitomy of over-pricing. Somehow, IHOP cost us 55 bucks before tip for two egg white omelettes and a half-stack of of pancakes. Seriously? It cost us about a grand more than we budgeted for. Gulp.

In all fairness, we were supposed to have an extra 1500 from Scott’s guard bonus, plus the 1200 from the GI bill. Weeellllll, the bonus never came. What?! And the GI bill was only half amount. There goes 2100 counted on dollars. :/

Back to present-day. Today, we get a bill notification from Tricare. Turns out, we’re going to be paying Jacob’s bills out of pocket since we had no idea we had to file seperate paperwork for Tricare on top of enrolling him in their DEERS system. We never had to do additional paperwork for Caleb. We also thought we were on top of things by driving down to the DEERS office in Mountain Home, an hour drive from our home, to take care of everything in person since they had such a hard time getting things straight with our first son. As soon as we recieved Jacob’s soc card in the mail, we headed down. When we finished, we asked the man working with us if there was anything more we’d need to do to make sure he was in the system correctly. (They messed up Caleb’s birthday and took almost a year to finally get him in the system correctly). He said “no, you’re good to go.” Low and behold, that was not accurate. Apparently, being Guard/Reserve means you have extra filing to do. We had no idea! Thanks to that mess up, we’ll be paying 677 out of pocket for shots and doctor visits. 😦 Even though we’ve filled out the paperwork, they’re not back paying. Which in my opionion, seems unfair. I suppose it would, though, since I’m the one in the losing position. See, we’ve always paid the full amount on time but because there was some unknown paperwork, we’re out of luck. Well, shoot. I fought with 3 women over this with an ending of “write a letter, fax it, and see what they’ll do for you. I doubt they’re going to back pay but that’s your last option.” So, I did. ::Fingers crossed::

Then, I head outside, to Scott’s beckoning, where my eyes meet my sad, sad tire, frowning and slumped upon the drive way. A flat? A major, super flat? What happened? Verdict: Les Schwab claims we need all new tires. That’ll be another 465. 😦 This was all before 10:30 am!

Now, the major problem. Vegas is in 9 days. We’re now over 4100 dollars behind what I had originally budgeted! This is not good. Not good at all. So, I break the news to Brittany. How can I do this? I have to be there! My girl is getting married! I have to have to have to be there! My mommy, that angel of a woman, offers to help. She’s so amazing! Can I do it? None of this would be that horrible if I was working too, but I’m not. And Jacob is terribly needy. The best I can do at the moment is babysit. Wow, that sounds less than desirable. We’ll have to find a way to budget it in somehow. But how?

I freak out, of course, and fill her in that I can’t see how Vegas will work anymore for us. We wind up having to go to the “bad gym” and wouldn’t you know, the machines I want are all full. Ahhhhh! We talk about this and that and the possibility of cancelling the room I had booked for their opening reception before the bar crawl. Which leads to the end all. Her parents booked a room, penthouse suite really, at the same hotel they’re all staying at which is INCREDIBLE and much better than the suite I had booked. However, when I go to cancel tonight, I learn it’s non-refundable. Ohhhhh myyyy liiiife. Is today over yet?

I can’t believe I ate these…

…2 weeks before my wedding. But, my goodness, were they good! If you’re on any sort of diet, I wouldn’t recommend making these because it’s hard to have just one.

I started with Pillsbury Reduced Fat Flaky Layers biscuits, Kraft shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce, turkey pepperoni, and some spray butter & garlic powder (not pictured)…

I preheated the oven to 350 and then baked the biscuits for about 12 minutes, or until the tops were golden and they were still slightly doughy…
Next, I halved all the biscuits and sprayed them all with spray butter and sprinkled garlic powder on them. That’s right, we now have 16 mini ‘pizza crusts’…

I’m sure you can guess what’s next. Yup…pizza sauce. I spooned a little sauce on each biscuit and spread it around. Only a little, though, because we prefer light sauce (use as much as you would like)…

Next came the pepperoni!! We like the pepperoni under the cheese. If you would prefer, you could put the pepperoni on top. I also made a few sans pepperoni…

Finally, it was CHEESE TIME!! My favorite, if you can’t tell…

Then I sprinkled them all with a little more garlic powder and put them back in the oven for about 10 more minutes, or until the cheese was all melted and the biscuits were cooked through…

So there it is, a delicious Fat Friday dinner :). I hope you all enjoy!

Anyways, after eating one three six of these, I was feelin’ a little on the hefty side. But then, one of our buddies invited us over to his house to watch the UFC fight. They put out an awesome spread of hot wings, bratwursts, cheeseburgers, and chips and dips. I wasn’t planning on having any due to the 6 mini pizzas I had already had.

Then it happened. Our friend, Quinny, gave me the best compliment ever and totally changed my mind.

Go get some food guys. Especially you (pointing at me), you look so skinny. Like a crack addict or something.

So, I proudly got up and treated myself to some wings and a brat. Seriously. This one comment made my whole day. No, scratch that. My whole week. And I’m not even sure it was meant to be a compliment. Who, in their right mind, wants to be told they look like a crack addict?! Apparently, I do. Why? Because that means I look skinny!! I was smilin’ ear to ear.

This morning, regardless off the “crack addict” comment, I was still feelin’ a little chubby. So I hopped up and headed out the door for what I was hoping was going to be a nice jog. Wrongo. The Colorado wind was not in my favor today. It was awful. I did 5 miles anyways but had to stop and walk quite a bit. When I got home, Erick and I decided to attempt BodyRock TV’s 1000 rep workout that I mentioned in an earlier post. It ended up being a 300 rep workout for us. I was pretty dead from fighting the wind and that workout is no joke. It was hard. We’re going to try to build up to 1000 reps. Well anyways, we’re going to get ready and head over to our married friends’ house, the Carter’s, to celebrate the new year! I love new years! I feel like its an annual fresh start. I’m not really making any resolutions this year but one thing I really want to work on is how critical I am of myself. Mainly because, more often than not, I end up being just as critical of Erick which isn’t good for any relationship. That’s all for now folks!

Everyone–be safe tonight and have a great New Years! Let’s start 2012 off right!

Resolutions, Like Rules, Are Meant to Be Broken

In a way, I guess that’s what resolutions are anyway. Caleb, my thirty year old son trapped in a three year old’s body, is now learning about New Year’s Resolutions. The best way I could explain a resolution was “as a rule or promise we make to ourselves with the hope of achieving a better us.” Without further discussion, he immediately understood the process by which the resolution business goes down.

Step 1: Make resolution.

Caleb’s was (and this was completely of his own agenda – I did absolutely no prompting or idea giving) To be better at making good choices. I thought that was amazing! Way to go Caleb! I approve, not that my approval matters, this is his resolution, not mine. Anyhow, resolution made: Improve on making good choices.

Step 2: Get excited about commiting to said resolution.

All day Caleb was stoked about his resolution. “I gonna make good choices! (Picture little fingers shooting out as he lists off his plan) finger one: I gonna listen, two:  share ol’ blue bita wif Jacob, three: not say bad words like supid or hate…. which brings me to step 3.

Step 3: Binge on all behaviors opposite to resolution before January 1st arrives.

Like the individual who plans to give up junk food for New Year’s binges on all things edible in their path until 11:59 on December 31st, my son is having a “naughty binge.” I barely recognize this creature. Don’t get me wrong, even for being a total badass at the moment, he’s not that horrible to handle but if there’s a bad choice to go down, he’s more then considered it. Examples: For over three years now, bedtime is bedtime. Once those covers hit the shoulders, it is expected he stay in bed until he’s taken a full journey and returned from Dreamland.  This is no longer the case. Tonight, we brushed his teeth, put on his footie pajamas, read his three stories, said our prayers, and pulled those covers up. I kissed him on the forehead then headed to the bathtub with Jacob for his turn. I was just gloating to Scott over text about how remarkable our Caleb was on my way to turn off his nightlight when, gasp, his covers were awry and in the middle of it all lay an empty hole where his body used to lie. I tune in to my second sense, hearing, and, yep…yep that’s definitely a tv I hear downstairs. I take a deep breath and head on down. “Caleb, this is not okay. I tucked you in, you’re supposed to be upstairs sleeping.” Caleb: “But mommy, sometimes I do dis. Sometimes I needa come down and watch a movie.” Me: “When? When do you do this? When is this ever acceptable?” He looks around, deep in thought, then starts heading for the stairs. We go through this about 3 more times with his “needs,” a car, he’s not sleepy, he needs to be re-tucked in. I know this is nothing terrible, if anything, it’s probably typical,  but it’s not Caleb. Here he is breaking routines just for the hell of it.

Obviously, that’s not my only example but I don’t want to drone on for hours about it. General gist, if I ask him not to do it, it will be done. If it’s a part of our routine, he’ll break it. If there’s a line to cross, you can bet his toes will be right there, ready to go over. It’s his pre-resolution binge. Man, I hope January 1st brings my boy back, especially before he discovers booze and cigarettes. I’m kidding, but I hope he doesn’t complete the entire scope of the resolutionary war.

Step 4: Begin resolution

Step 5: Break resolution

::Fingers crossed we hang out at stage four for a long, long time:: Happy New Years!

Workout A.D.D.

Well, I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but our last 2 dinners in the Poole household have been pretty delicious, if I do say so myself :).

Last night we had my all-time favorite: Korean ribs! Which I had marinated over night in Honey Teriyaki Sauce…

 And then I placed them on a cookie sheet and broiled them for about 12 minutes.

They came out perfect! The meat was literally falling off the bones. We had these with a side of steamed rice and green beans for me. DELICIOUS! 🙂

Then, tonight, I decided to kind of experiment with chicken wing drummettes. The only experience I really have with drummettes is when my grandma and I used to bread ’em, fry ’em, and then coat ’em in teriyaki sauce (I’m a teriyaki lover). But, we currently do not have a fryer and I didn’t really feel like frying them in the skillet. So, I cut the skin off the wings, put them in a baking dish, and covered them in our favorite BBQ sauce. I covered the baking dish and broiled the wings for about 10 minutes, took ’em out, uncovered the dish, flipped the wings, and put them back in for another 10 minutes. I flipped them once more and put them in for about 7 minutes more and they came out perfect. Obviously, because I’m a stellar cook :). Ha not really, but do I try. I ate mine with a side of steamed carrots (with spray butter-I love spray butter on my veggies. And rice. And bread. You get the point.)…

It was so good. The meat was so moist and the carrots were great…possibly because I haven’t had carrots in awhile. This is going to sound ridiculous, but I was in this phase of counting calories and I was getting so obsessive about it that I would avoid carrots. Why? Because a serving of carrots has 15 more calories than a serving of green beans. I know, ridiculous. I’ve decided to take a break from counting calories so I can just focus on being healthy and not depriving myself and I feel great!

Annnnywho, I’ve gotten a bit off track. What I wanted to talk about was the bad case of workout A.D.D. I’ve been experiencing lately. It’s a real thing, I swear. For those of you who have experienced it, you know what I’m talking about. Well today I got to the gym and just looking at the treadmills made me throw up in my mouth a little. Not really. But I was definitely NOT feelin’ the treadmills today. So, I knew a good run was not in my near future. Usually I like to go to the gym with a plan or some kind of idea of what I was going to work. Today, I had no idea. But, long amounts of time on any machine sounded awful. My normal workout routine sounded so horribly boring. I knew I was going to have to really switch it up today and keep it interesting or there was no way I was going to get a good workout in.

Ahhh, elliptical…I haven’t seen you in awhile.

So, I hopped on the elliptical for 20 minutes and increased the level every minute until 10, then worked my way back down. I used the Piniterest app on my phone to keep me entertained and it worked perfectly. That 20 minutes flew by. Thank you, Piniterest!

Next, I hopped on a treadmill (BLEGH!!) and decided to just walk at an incline. I walked at 4.0 MPH and started with a 4.0% incline but increased the incline every minute until I got to 10%. I held it there for a couple minutes and then worked my way back down. I find that when I change my speed or incline every minute or so, the time goes faster and it keeps my A.D.D. in check. I also used my Piniterest app on this one. I’m tellin’ you, I needed all the entertainment I could get.

Then,  I headed upstairs because I felt like doing a little strength training. But, I didn’t want to do one of my usual routines. So, I decided on working legs and shoulders (random, I know). My workout went like so:

-Alternating dumbbell lunges- 15 reps

-Lateral shoulder raise- 20 reps

-Plie squats with dumbbell- 15 reps

-Dumbbell military press- 20 reps

-Dumbbell squats-15 reps

-Front raises- 20 reps

I completed this circuit once and then headed back to the cardio room where I completed 10 minutes on the Stairmaster. The Stairmaster and I are not friends, but I hadn’t done it in awhile and today was a day of “switching it up”…(and How I Met Your Mother was on, love that show). Finally, I went back upstairs and completed one more set of the circuit above and then decided to call it a day. All in all, it was a great workout that I was able to do even with my A.D.D. in full gear :). I may also attempt the 1000 Rep Workout tonight from the bodyrock website: Orrrr maybe that can wait til tomorrow.

I also wanted to take a second a brag about my mommy. A couple of months ago she would have sworn up and down that she can’t run 5 miles. Well, guess what? She is now signed up for a half marathon and she completed 8 miles yesterday!! Way to go, Mommy!!

And so, I leave you with this…

Have a great night everyone! Tomorrow is Friday!:)

Well Hey, Stranger! Where Ya’ From?

This question should be a no brainer. However, it has turned into quite the debacle in my marriage. I need to let things go. I know this. But for some reason, I just can’t. Scott knows this. So what does he do? He feeds into it! Sometimes he’ll text me “Baby, I’m so board” because he knows it drives me nuts. B-O-R-E-D! B-O-R-E-D! Or, when we were in Hawaii, he kept referring to boogie boarding as buggy boarding. I could actually feel the hairs stand up on the back of my neck…Okay, no I couldn’t, but still – as my bff and life partner (possibly eternal partner – yikes!) he finds my pet peeves hilarious and will stop at nothing to get a slight rise. Oh my, I did marry my father (my dad did this to my mom all the time).

Anyhow, the latest and greatest argument we have is all based on the seemingly simple question “where are you from?” Do you know what he answers? Idaho. IDAHO! This drives me crazy because, in my mind, he is most definitely NOT from Idaho. He was born and raised for 20 years of his life in Utah.  He moved to Idaho for less than a year, in which he then joined the military and spent the rest of his life in Germany, Nebraska, Iraq, Kyrgystan, Japan, and finally just settled down in Idaho as of last November. That does not constitute being from somewhere. “Hey, Sarah, where you from, girl?” “Oh, hey! Yeah, I’m from Nebraska.” I am indeed from Nebraska. I was born there, moved to California for a year, Maryland for a little over a year or two, then back to B-town, Nebraska. I predominently lived there until this past May. So there you have it. I’m from Nebraska.

Nebraska helped shape me. I am who I am in a big way because of where I came from. This is one of my main arguments. I know you can’t trust your stereotypes or judgments but knowing where someone is from can often tell you quite a bit. If I was from California, meaning I spent most of my life there, or New Jersey, I’m pretty sure I would be totally different then who I am now. Scott says I put way too much thought into this but my “heritage” is important to me. It wasn’t so much until I left home but now I couldn’t imagine any better place to live then Nebraska. I couldn’t wait to move away but now I would do almost anything to get back. I’m proud to say I’m from Nebraska and hearing Scott say “You’re from Idaho now” sends me into instant mad-mode. I am most certainly not from Idaho and I don’t ever want to claim that. I’m not sure why. For some reason, I hate this place. It’s not that bad. I really don’t know what my beef is. Ha ha! Pun intended. But that kinda brings me into argument 2

How can I love someone so much who claims to be from somewhere I loathe so intensly? He’s one of the most incredible men I’ve ever been lucky enough to know. I can’t bring myself to give Idaho credit. Ick! I think maybe my resentment stems from having to be 1200-1300 miles away from my family and less then a block from his. They’re not bad at all but I guess I feel like it’s just not fair. It’d be nice to have the same ease of visiting with both families. That’s Brat-Sarah talking.

Also, not only can I not let this go, but Brittany brought to my attention that my desire to be “right” was so strong I stooped to polling people on where they say they’re from. I can gladly report that as of now, I’m in the lead 6-1! I win! What is my problem? Poor Scott. He has such a long road ahead of him….

Mood swing!

Hello all! After my somewhat depressing rant yesterday, I wanted to share something with you. This is my all-time favorite video that makes me LOL everytime…never fails.


One day, I will own my very own fainting goat…and life will be perfect.